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About Bitglobal trading platform
Bitglobal is devoted to build the bond of traditional assets trading market with digital assets trading market. Through the exchange barriers of gold and digital assets to lay out global assets digitization development, it can truly achieve the global application of digital assets.
Trust and Security Cold storage, tamper-proof, and multiple encryption
Multilingual and Global Coverage With our business spread across 100+ countries around the globe
Multi-Currency Support with more than ten different cryptocurrency trading markets
All Platform Access Web, iOS and Android

Our features

Margin Trading With their assets on the platform as collaterals, Bitglobal allows trading participants to borrow funds from other participants on the platform or the platform itself so as to enable users to trade with leverage.
Physical Gold Exchange Users with private key for gold service can trade gold with their digital assets on the platform. Bitglobal will provide gold logistics, distribution and storage services with our users.
Digital Identity Users with private key for gold service can make complete anonymous transactions on the platform.
About GBC
Issued by Bitglobal, Global Coin (GBC) is an Ethereum-based blockchain digital asset with a total supply of 10 million.

GBC Repo and Profit-sharing Mechanism

50 % of transaction fees for all currencies
promote the GBC market prices to rise steadily
Full of dividend in real time
Bitglobal will take 50% out of its profits (including transaction fee and margin service fee) to repurchase the GBC in circulation in real time, and will continue to repurchase until all the 10 million GBC has been bought out. The repurchase process is transparent and all the repurchased GBC will be stored in a fixed address. Users can check all the records in our blockchain explorer in real time.In addition, Bitglobal will take 1% out of its repurchased GBC annually to share with all the users based on the quantity of GBC held in their accounts.
GBC Value Transformation
When the gold exchange service is online, GBC smart contract will activate the gold private key exchange mechanism. Bitglobal will sell the repurchased GBC at market price to those who need physical gold exchange service. With 1000 GBC, they will obtain the private key for our gold VIP service so as to realize the value transformation of GBC.
Digital Assets and Physical Gold Exchange
Bitglobal’s physical gold exchange service is tailored to the high-net-worth individuals of digital assets. With our gold private key, you can not only buy, store gold, make gold investment, but even withdraw the physical gold to your home.
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